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PR/HARO Outreacher

Glasgow, UK, 100% Remote

Experienced Writers Needed for PR/Journalist Outreach

The Links Guy are looking for PR Outreachers to join our global team of link building experts

TLG is a marketing agency which operates across borders, with many clients from a range of industries - and we specialize in one core service which we do better than anyone else - which is link building. 

First, please check out this video here

We are looking for an enthusiastic writer but experienced writer who can easily research and digest information on a range of subjects. 

You will be reaching out to journalists on behalf of our clients , and sending them ghostwritten soundbites with the hopes of it being featured in their upcoming articles. You will be using a few platforms to do this, one of the main ones being HARO. 

(If you are not sure what link building or HARO is - don’t worry - this is what we’ll be teaching you and training you on!) 

It is essential that the following applies to you:

  • You are an accomplished writer that is looking for a side hustle, or something to do during breaks in the day, that allows you to conveniently earn from the comfort of your home for a minimal amount of hours each day. 

  • You are able to, and enjoy writing on behalf of CEOs, CMOs and other industry experts. 

  • You are comfortable, and excited to write on a range of subjects. This will include but is not limited to health, business, marketing, technology, software, finance, fashion, food, fitness, etc. 

  • You also like working as part of a diverse international team, and are motivated by getting great results for your clients. 

Pay structure

The pay is based on 2 elements

  • Base pay


  • Performance based incentives 

Here it is broken down: 

  1. Base pay

This will be dependent on skill level and experience.

We also will look at this as part of our pay progression plan, for writers who stay with us for the long term. 

  1. Incentives

Importantly, we also compensate writers on top of their base pay, when they win links, using a tiered system  - where the higher the quality of the link, the higher the incentive. 

We will release more details on this later in the process, but smaller links will net $10, while higher quality links, will net a higher amount.

We want to give the highest rewards to the writers who contribute the best links.

Shift times

The way HARO and PR platforms work, means we need to reply really promptly. The journalist has a deadline to hit and it has been shown in various studies, the quicker we reply, the more likely we are to get our email considered, and result in a link. 

So it's in everybody's best interest (the client, the company and you) that you work at specific times of the day to conduct the work. This is non-negotiable because if we don’t pitch at the appropriate time, we know we won’t get results. 

Here are the 3 time slows the media list is released and where you’ll be required to work at least across 2 of those slots.

  • HARO morning: 5:35 a.m. EST

  • HARO Afternoon: 12:35 p.m EST

  • HARO Evening: 5:35 p.m. EST

We also only work Monday to Friday. 

On top of this you’ll get: 

  • World-class training

  • A 100% Remote position

  • An opportunity to communicate with and be part of a friendly, close-knit and diverse international team. 

If you read the entire job post, have an extremely strong background as a writer, and are keen to work hard and win links for your team - please click through to the application form. We would be very happy to see your application! 

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